Sacred Wisdom for the New World

Emerald Grown is California Mutual Benefit Corporation. We are a federation of farmers and people who love farmers. We are imagining, developing, and implementing cooperative solutions to overcome challenges facing small farmers (and our species) in the 21st century.

We are a community resource working with family farmers to reduce costs, add value, and market produce. We work to raise awareness of various types of agriculture, improve our practices on our farms, and to understand and communicate the impacts these various practices can have on our planet and on our well being.

We are a brand, built out of the connections between people and plants, formed to honor the places where plants grow, and people who grow. While cannabis is the thread that brought our organization together, our culture diverse and we grow many crops.

In 2020 we will be focused on:

  • Legislative Affairs - we are seeking the removal of limitations on the formation of Cannabis Cooperative Associations.
  • Market Development - we offer a menu of marketing programs and opportunities for licensed cannabis growers.
  • Community Development - through regular conference calls, webinars, and meetings we strengthen connections.